Who We Are

Kathy Cole founded DK Cole in 2006 on her belief that integrity, quality, and doing the right thing would be the values on which all business decisions are based.  This is the approach which sets the tone for the entire DK Cole team. Taking the time to dig deeply to understand a client’s culture, how they measure success for the role, and then evaluating candidates against those metrics, ensures the candidate will fit and perform in the role.  The values that Kathy instills in her team promote a long-term success view for clients, DK Cole staff, and candidates.

Today, DK Cole provides executive search services to construction clients nationwide. DK Cole has established itself as a leader in placing executives, accounting professionals, construction operations management, and more. Their team approach, combined with a strict adherence to a refined six-step search process, allows DK Cole to place exceptional talent efficiently and effectively. A commitment to conducting themselves ethically and responsibly has allowed DK Cole to develop and maintain strong partnerships with their clients, who turn to DK Cole year after year to help fill their critical openings, and especially their “secret” or confidential searches.

Kathy Cole

About Our Founder

Kathy Cole brings over 20 years of recruiting experience to the table. This includes leadership roles for two national recruiting firms, and an executive search practice within a construction – focused, CPA/consulting firm. She has been personally involved in supporting the construction industry. Kathy is a Past President and board member of the Chicago Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), and she has written a newsletter column for, and is a member of, the Builders Association/Associated General Contractors (AGC). Kathy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Middle Tennessee State University and is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC).

“An understanding of how a company functions and appreciating its culture are vital to any successful executive search.  Achieving this level of understanding is hard work and requires a long-term commitment.  But, it pays off.  DK Cole has made that commitment with our company.  This connection with us means that DK Cole can and does regularly present us with multiple qualified candidates to choose from for every search.”

President – Multi-Unit Holding Company in Mid-West

“Trust and transparency are major factors that companies and their search consultants must establish if the search process is to be effective, smooth and successful. DK Cole’s high ethical standards help create an environment in which even the most difficult and complex search issues can be discussed openly. This type of “give and take” conversation can help identify alternatives that lead to much better hiring choices.”

CEO – Manufacturing Division with National Operations

“One of the biggest challenges in finding a candidate with the best fit for a company opportunity is finding that “diamond in the rough.” This is that candidate that a company can provide growth opportunities—in responsibility and salary—for years to come. DK Cole is especially skillful in finding these individuals. They search in unlikely places. They search for people not actively looking for their next career move. What that means to a company like ours is that we can see candidates that we can provide an extraordinary environment to grow.”

CFO/Controller – Waste and Recycling to the Construction Industry

“Kathy brings tremendous value to the search process—high caliber talent, flexibility in performing the search, and the expertise to create search plans that really work for us.”

General Contractor – Exec Assistant to CEO

“Executive search works best when a company and its search firm have built a strong personal relationship. It creates trust that makes a complicated, critical hire much easier and smoother to execute. DK Cole took the time to learn our business, ask the right questions, and develop a search plan that we had confidence would work. They provide us fully vetted candidates. They have become a full service staffing counsel. They are embedded as part of our team.”

Director – International General Contractor

“DK Cole always has the best interest of the client in mind and understands construction and the quality and quantity of personnel we continually require”

General Contractor – CFO

“She talks to me. She takes time. The investment comes back in the quality of candidates we see and the performance of those we hire.”

Large Private Holding Company – CFO

“Successful searches always depend on a well-structured process and disciplined execution. DK Cole is expert at both. They are partners that become involved in your business. They are as much concerned that their clients find just the right talent as their clients are.”

Chief Financial Officer Large – Chicago General Contractor

“Kathy is the best recruiter I ever worked with as a candidate and a client.”

National Public Company – Chief Internal Auditor

“Trust is everything to Kathy.”

Nashville CPA Firm Partner