We recruit for a broad array of accounting and finance management positions within the construction industry, including:

  • CFO’s
  • Controllers
  • Accounting Managers
  • Project Accountants
  • Project Controllers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Tax Directors
  • Internal Auditors
  • VP Finance
  • Finance Directors
  • Treasury Roles
  • Project Accountants
  • AP Managers
  • Payroll Managers
  • And more

Accounting & Finance

When it comes to recruiting accounting and financial professionals within the construction industry, DK Cole is expert at locating the right talent. Our industry knowledge, combined with our unmatched access to key players nationwide, allows us to recruit individuals who will truly fit within your organization.

The process starts when DK Cole works with you to develop a “success profile” which ensures candidates you interview will have the credentials, background, and work style they need to succeed in your environment. Spending time on the front-end, combined with our six-step process, is designed to improve recruitment speed, and more important, quality.

DK Cole ensures a better process that is more focused and more effective from start to finish.

At DK Cole we understand the intricacies of accounting and finance within the construction industry, as well as the unique needs of the financial and accounting skills needed for candidates to succeed. As a leading executive search firm, DK Cole can identify and recruit unparalleled talent from all corners of the industry, ensuring you see only quality candidates throughout the search.