DK Cole is expert in conducting searches that require a high degree of discretion. We call these our “secret” confidential searches. Whether you are replacing an underperforming employee, or simply have business reasons that require confidentiality, such as a retiring key executive, merger, change in ownership, or other reason, DK Cole has the experience to help you find that right candidate while accomplishing your objective of being discrete. This process also helps avoid the spread of news and rumors about the search, either of which could have a detrimental impact on you, your staff or your business.

We perform every aspect of these searches carefully, quietly and privately. These searches are conducted by very experienced recruiters who have the sophistication to hold complex conversations with candidates such as those who inquire the identity of the client we’re representing. We utilize our same proprietary six-step process used in all our searches. However, this type search requires a more tightly controlled communication with candidates until they’re deemed qualified, serious about the opportunity and ready for consideration by the client.


When clients agree to an exclusive, engaged search with DK Cole, they agree to work with no other search firm, either until the position is filled, or for a defined period of time. This type of agreement works well for difficult to fill positions below the six-figure income level.  In today’s war for talent, you want a search partner who cares about your success. We are selective in the search engagements we accept, so we can focus our resources on clients who need a true recruiting partner, or consultant, vs. a resume broker, to get the right person on board. There is only a small financial investment required to initiate the recruitment process, but the agreement for exclusivity provides DK Cole the appropriate incentive to tap into its proprietary six-step process and nationwide talent access to find you the most relevant talent.

Whether you’re searching for someone to elevate your organization, replacing a retiring member of the team, or seeking new talent, DK Cole is the firm to turn to.


The retained search represents the ultimate partnership in identifying, attracting and landing leading talent. Traditional thinking is that this arrangement is reserved only for the C-level. However, due to the war for talent, it increasingly makes sense for any key position critical to your company’s success. Retained also makes sense where there is a very high need for confidentiality. DK Cole provides a higher level of experienced recruiter involvement in every aspect of the search process. We believe that when companies retain us, they’re making the investment to get a top performer on board, and according to research, this is a wise investment. In fact, a recent study shows top performers can make a 300 times greater impact on business results, than the average performer! To get started, we’ll schedule a meeting to gain from you an understanding of the role and develop our blueprint for a successful hire.

DK Cole uses its proprietary six-step recruitment process, its nationwide network, credibility and the strategic recruiting approach to find just the right candidate for you.